Psychodiagnostic Assessments

The psychodiagnostic assessment covers an initial interview of one hour and a half with parents, three or four sessions with the child or young person and a final session with parents.   

The type, content and length of the assessment will depend on the shared information in the initial interview , the information available provided by school or other agency as well as your child’s particular difficulties.

The information gathered will help to build up an in-depth understanding of your child’s learning history and difficulties as well as a psychological personality structure.  I am qualified and experienced in the use of standardised assessments (WISC-IV; Bender Gestalt Test) and dynamic assessment tools that gives a rich understanding on the child's or young people's emotional maturity  and inner world. 

The assessment sessions will explore areas such as language, speed of processing information, working memory and spatial awareness. All the tests administered are age appropriate and the results give a detailed profile of the strengths and weakness displayed by the child.
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